My fresh yoghurt

Please use the download button above for simple yoghurt making instructions.

I use an Easiyo yoghurt maker for this but it is perfectly possible to make yoghurt using two containers and something to insulate them. I will add instructions related to the Easiyo later (it is basically a big thermos, into which fits a smaller plastic container for the milk and innoculum). They are not expensive but you don't really need one - yoghurt was made long before yoghurt makers were invented. They do make it easier though! Here's a link to an Easiyo on Amazon in case you want to investigate:

An other, slightly more complicated way to make yoghurt, is to use fresh milk. It needs to be heated to at least 60 C, to kill off any microbes living in the milk. Then let it cool to about body temperature (use your little finger to check when you think it has cooled to body temperature.

At this point, add you inoculum of fresh organic yoghurt, mix then leave it to stand at room temperature over night. The inoculum will spread through the milk, digesting it, creating lactic acid and hence turning the milk into yoghurt.

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