Support & FAQs

How do I access the units?
The material in this website is only available to apprenticeship students.
The How it all works page gives more detailed information.

Where do I login?
At the very top left of the screen on PCs and Laptops.
Here's a Login link for mobile devices.

Where do I begin?
Some apprentices like to start by just diving in and exploring the units which are open to them in the 8 modules. Others prefer to join a Friday evening Zoom, to have a chat with Lynn about their situation and what to focus on first. Others like to work through one module at a time. It is all fine!

Lynn generally recommends reading/listening to the Wheel of the Year unit related to the current moment of the year, and then the first Foraging units and Crafting units. Also the first Gardening and Healing units. It is up to you and there is not right or wrong way. But if you want to complete in a year, have a go at all of the modules at the same time. Some have ongoing projects.

Help with the work
Every time you "hand in" work for the units, via the forums, comments boxes or via email to Lynn, she will give you feedback to help keep you on track.

If you need help anytime, simply email her or check in one Friday evening and have a chat about it. There is also forum support between the apprentices and the private Facebook group but mostly feedback is from Lynn.

When you have worked through the core modules and fed back your module summaries to Lynn, you will receive your course certificate. There are 4 module summaries/reflections to complete - Foraging, Growing, Healing and Crafting.

These are summaries of what you have learned from the modules and some thought about your next steps. Lynn does not require a summary for the Wheel of the Year module or the other bonus modules but you are welcome to make one and sent it to her, should you want to.

The format of your summaries can be anyway you like! Maybe you decide to type a short report, maybe an annotated drawing or a poem using herbal inks.. If unsure, you can check with Lynn.

Questions / Stopping / Pausing / Help
If you need to stop your apprenticeship, put it on hold for a while or want to talk about how to best reach your personal goals, please contact Lynn via email (urbanherbologylynn(at)

This course is a personal journey, so there is no pressure and plenty of support when needed.

Is a price reduction available?
Yes, for those who have financial issues, but would like to join the course, there is a reduced rate. It is offered on a trust basis. Click for details of how to apply and the different payment options.