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Cramp bark - Viburnum opulus

UH students should email Lynn if they would like to meet up. Set dates for workshops are currently on hold again, due to the latest COVID regulations in Amsterdam but outdoor 1:1s can be arranged.

Flaxseed crackers
These have been well received at recent walks and gatherings so time to share the recipe. Add your own ground herbs and spices.
Fungi - Part 1
First of a new series of units in the foraging module - essential skills for fungi foraging.
Foraging First Aid
How to deal with tick bites, giant hogweed, stings and severe allergic reactions.

Friday 19th February - 19:30 - 20:15
Full body tea tasting - Another herb
We will all have the same herb and we will all prepare, explore and taste it in the same way.
The Herb this time will be Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). The herb can be found as a good quality dried tea or as a culinary herb in most whole food shops and grocery stores.

Here's the regular link
Our regular Zoom gathering is every two weeks on Friday evening.

Urban Herbology Foraging & Crafting Courses are both now Accredited by and Registered with the CMA.

Scientific Research
You may have read about us trying to see if it is possible for us to run a research project similar to this research in the USA, to find out just how much urban pollution actually gets inside the plants. Lynn had a fruitful conversation with Philip Stark from Berkeley, CA and it is certainly possible - but we need to find some testing support here in the Netherlands. If you would like to be involved with this, please email her.

Facebook Group
If you would like to be part of the private Urban Herbology Online Apprenticeship group please let Lynn know your Facebook name or ask FB to make Lynn a friend.

A well earned dip after a sunny 2 hour herb walk!

Who fancies joining me for a herb walk in Haarlem this year? Let me know and we can sort out a date. A new apprentice lives there and it's such a beautiful place!

If you are in Amsterdam and want to come out foraging with me at some other time, just let me know and we can arrange something.

Zoom Gatherings
Online Zooming for past and present apprentices began in April 2020. If that's you, drop in anytime!

No experience is needed - No pressure to attend each time - Just drop in when you like!

This is a good opportunity to have a chat with me, ask any questions and sometimes we plan ahead to make herbal preparations together such as creams, elixirs, pills, and tinctures. We chat about anything - not only herb stuff.

I think it's always nice to put a face to a name, especially if you are following the course from far away.

to the Urban Herbology channel to be alerted of videos, when uploaded. Those which I make specifically for the course will not show up on the public YouTube channel.