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Midwinter 2021-22 Events

Friday 28th January
Zoom for UH Apprentices
19:30 - 20:15 (Amsterdam Time)
Bring along a cup of herbal tea if possible (Rosemary is great for aligning minds).
Topic: Witch hazel (Hamamelis species)- This will be the concluding session on Witch Hazel. A different herb of the month will be announced, ready to work on during the coming month.
Scroll down for previous Zoom notes for ideas on how to get to know Witch Hazel.

1:1 Walks possible
During the latest COVID restrictions, I can only take 1 person at a time, on herb walks. Let me know if you are around and would like this.
Free for Apprentices (€60 if not an apprentice).

Group Walks
Dates to be announced here and on when possible again. Please join the Meetup group if you want immediate alerts of available dates.
Apprentice places are free on these walks - so if you see a date you can attend on Meetup, send me a direct message or email and I will secure your place.

These are also copied on to the FB group and are tagged per herb for reference

Friday 14th January
Witch Hazel
We discussed the virtues of Witch hazel (Hamamelis) this evening and thought about how to make distilled Witch hazel, a very popular herbal remedy in the UK. Try to get to know Witch hazel for real yourself and if you get time, do some reading about it. Find out what you can about how it has/is used. Next session will be the concluding session about this plant. We will gather together written notes about the herb and produce a collective plant profile to be available in the course. If you cannot attend the Zoom but have discovered something about this herb, which you would like added to the plant profile, please email this to Lynn.

Urban Herbology Foraging & Crafting Courses are both now Accredited by and Registered with the CMA.

Facebook Group
If you would like to be part of the private Urban Herbology Online Apprenticeship group please let Lynn know your Facebook name or ask FB to make Lynn a friend.

A well earned dip after a sunny 2 hour herb walk!

Haarlem - Rotterdam - Den Haag
Who fancies joining me for a herb walk in one of these locations? Let me know and we can sort out a date. I have several apprentices living in these places now, they are such great places and it would be good to look at your most local situations together. Also to help you to connect to each other.

If you are in Amsterdam, or can easily get there, you are very welcome to come out foraging with me whenever possible. Some of you live around the corner from my home (in the Watergraafsmeer part of town) or the school where I work (in Oud Zuid). If so, just send me a What's app or text to see what's possible that day / week. If you are further, let's set a date. NB: I am slow to listen to voice mails - What's app, sms or email are the quickest ways to reach me (06 275 969 30).

Zoom Gatherings
Online Zooming for past and present apprentices began in April 2020. If that's you, drop in anytime! No experience is needed - No pressure to attend each time - Just drop in when you like!

This is a good opportunity to have a chat with me, ask any questions and we focus on a herb of the month. Sometimes we plan ahead to make herbal preparations online-together such as creams, elixirs, pills, and tinctures. We chat about anything - not only herb stuff so do feel free to join.

I think it's always nice to put a face to a name, especially if you are following the course from far away, that is part of the reason for the zooms, also to keep you moving in your studies.

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