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About the Tutor
Lynn Shore teaches people to use local herbs wisely, to forage sustainably and to harmonise with the rhythms of nature. She runs walks, talks and courses mainly in Amsterdam and teaches part time at an international school. Lynn has 20+ years experience working with herbs, has studied with American wise woman Susun Weed, Permaculture with Patrick Whitefield and Permaculture Visions, is mentored by Glennie Kindred. She is an OBOD Ovate and Master of Public Health (2010). Projects:  (from 2010) and River of Herbs (from 2012). Lynn believes in lifelong learning and recently qualified in Social & Therapeutic Horticulture with Thrive UK.

Lynn's Urban Herbology apprenticeship courses began in 2011, in Amsterdam. Due to demand, this online/blended course now offers opportunities for connection, support and learning wherever you may live. She looks forward to journeying with you.

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