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Urban Herbology Apprenticeship membership gives you access to all of the Urban Herbology course modules, support from Lynn and the UH community. Members can also sign up for walks and exclusive UH workshops. The course modules, forums and dates are all on this one website.

The 5 UH course modules are split in to progressive units of study. With over 80 units and more being created, there is plenty of material for you to work through! Each month of membership opens up access to more of the units of study, enabling you to progressively build your herbal knowledge and skills. The 5 modules are available to you from the start.

The Urban Herbology Apprenticeship teaches you how to identify, forage and use herbs in an informed and ethical way. Wherever you live, being part of the UH community encourages a sense of deep connection and respect for nature. The courses are run by Lynn Shore.

Pricing - chose from:
Monthly apprenticeship payment plan - €38
Or Annual payment - €400
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Start anytime, anywhere
No fixed membership period (most people complete in 12-18 months). Apprenticeship workshop or walk available every month. The more you put into the courses, the more you will gain.

Do you live in a town or city, perhaps it is not your hometown or even not your homeland and do you yearn to feel connected to nature? Do you want to be able to skillfully forage, herb-craft, make your own remedies and feel more of a sense of place? Then join the team and let's work on building your skills together!

Learning material
New units and material are being added all the time. We are currently adding podcasts, videos and worksheets to the units, to enhance the existing tried and tested content.

Accessible, Tried and Tested
The units, recipes and activities have been tried and tested by people with small and large kitchens, living in towns, cities and the countryside around the world. The course materials have been developed by Lynn Shore, from years of delivering workshops, walks and courses in the UK and Netherlands. It is delivered in uncomplicated English (some units are available in Dutch).

Monthly Meetups
Every month - either a free walk or exclusive workshop.
Meet in person, develop your foraging and crafting skills with Lynn.
Other locations sometimes arranged if there is enough interest.

Half day workshops
Exclusive to Apprentices
One per season (next date 17th February 2020)
Amsterdam Oost Watergraafsmeer.
Including an urban foraging walk, herb crafting, botany, plant ID.
Herbal infusions, teas and vegan snacks.
Cost €50

90 minute - 2 hour Walk and Talks
A chance to meet, forage and talk over your studies.
Happening each month that no workshop is offered.
Free for UH apprentices (usually €10 per non-member)
Next date: 1st February 2020

Share your questions, suggestions, successes and strange brews, directly in the forums linked to the modules.

Make the most of your apprenticeship by regularly engaging with the forums and connecting with other course students.

The Course
Foraging - Ethical foraging skills. Botany. Plant identification. Recipes.
Crafting - Herbal remedy making. Herbal first aid. Nourishing herbs.
Growing Herbs - For small and large, public and private urban spaces.
Healing Systems - Safe and sensible healing, the wise woman way.
Wheel of the Year - Herbs, recipes and activities for the nature festivals.

The Urban Herbology Apprenticeship  has been empowering people who live in cities, love nature and want some degree of self sufficiency, for many years. Join the UH community! 

How to Join
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When payment is received, you will receive confirmation and instant access to the first units, workshops and walks. The next batch of units will be available to you, each month. You will notice that the payments are set to repeat (monthly or annually), please note that they can be stopped at anytime.

Need some more information or having issues signing up?
Contact Lynn!

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For those who prefer to pay directly, the bank account for payment is:
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Urban Herbology is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch taxation authority.
KvK registration number: 64481360
Tax VAT/BTW number: NL64481360
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*[Please note that bank transfer payments will not automatically trigger instant access to the course. Please contact Lynn by email when you make a direct payment, so that your membership can start as soon as the payment is received]