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When payment is received by Urban Herbology, you will receive instant confirmation and access to the first units, workshops, weekly online gatherings and walks. The next batch of units will be available to you, each month. You will notice that the payments are set to repeat (monthly or annually), please note that they can be stopped at anytime.

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"I am engrossed in your Urbanherbology Apprentice site! Love it!!"
Elodie, Noord Holland

The Urban Herbology Apprenticeship  has been empowering people who live in cities, love nature and want to develop their self sufficiency, for many years. You can join the UH community today, wherever you live!  For more details about how the course works, click here.

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€ 38 per month
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"This week I've had the pleasure of joining the 1st workshop of the year, of Urban Herbology Apprenticeship. We had so much fun, spotted so many herbs and made wonderful infusions. I really recommend it! "
Marisa, Amsterdam

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