Healing Course – Welcome

Turmeric and Ginger Jamu, Bali. Nourishing, anti-inflammatory magic in a cup.

This welcome unit introduces you to the seven steps of the Wise Woman system of healing. Each unit of the module discusses one of those steps.

Listen to the podcast and add notes to your worksheets or Healing notebook.

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Wise Woman System of Healing
A traditional, logical and intuitive way to maintain health or restore balance and well being. It doesn't expect other people or pills to be able to fix all of our problems. The Wise Woman System of Healing promotes self empowerment, networking, learning, listening and prevention of ill health.

Susun Weed/ (Woodstock, NY)
Book: Healing Wise (1989)
You Tube - WiseWomanCenter - Ash Tree Publishing.
You will find a wealth of information between those three links.

A nourishing path: Lime (Linden) trees.

Robin Rose Bennett ( NYC)
Glennie Kindred (UK)
Wildman Steve Brill (NYC)

Task 1
Write a list of people who can help you with advice and practical help. Include their name and contact details.

Possibilities to include: herbalist friends, organic herb suppliers, foragers, therapists, organic food suppliers, house repairers, Yoga teachers, healers, family doctor...

7 Steps of Healing

Step 0 – Serenity Medicine - Do nothing - Go with the flow
Step 1 – Story Medicine - Collect information
Step 2 – Energy Medicine - Placebo - Mind medicine
Step 3 – Lifestyle Medicine - Nourish & Tonify
Step 4 – Herbal medicine -  Stimulate & sedate - Alternative medicine
Step 5 – Pharmaceutical medicine - Drugs - Supplements - Essential oils
Step 6 – Hi Tech medicine - Break & Enter - Mind Altering drugs

Stepping gently and sensibly
Try to look at health issues objectively. If the issue is not serious, try to start at Step 0, set a time limit (to see if the issue solves itself) then move on to the Step 1 (again, set a sensible time limit) and so on and so on. We try not to jump into problems without thinking or trying to solve the problems ourselves.

Many people run to the doctor to solve such minor issues but I choose to work this way to try and help myself first. I am certainly not opposed to anyone visiting a doctor! I have a good relationship with my family doctor and am happy to consult his team when I need to. Generally those in the medical profession have great knowledge. Visits to doctors for seemingly minor complaints can help to detect very serious disease, due to their knowledge and experience. I do not discourage anyone from visiting their doctor. What I try to encourage people to do is to help themselves first, especially when the dis-ease is minor.

Sometimes emergency help is essential. Knowledge of the Wise Woman Healing Steps can still help in such cases. This post on my blog is an example of how the Wise Woman Tradition helped me when the situation seemed completely out of my control.

Three Traditions of Healing

Wise Woman Tradition
Mainly focuses on steps 0, 1, 2, 3.
Do nothing, story medicine, mind medicine, lifestyle.
Quiet and almost invisible system of healing
Self care, nourishment, listening carefully and lifestyle.

Heroic Tradition
Usually relies on steps 4 and 5.
Herbal medicine to stimulate or sedate, supplements, essential oils etc.
Practitioners holding all the power.
Healing is done to the patient by a healer.
Dependence rather than empowerment.

Scientific Tradition
Focused on steps 5 and 6.
Strong medicine, breaking and entering.
Essential at times.
Suspicious of unproven remedies. Seeks scientific proof.

VU hospital, Amsterdam. Scientific Tradition.

Task 2
How comfortable are you with each of these healing traditions? Where do you usually prefer to be when you need to solve a health issue? There is no judgement here, simply acknowledge where you feel safe and what you prefer.

Please send some notes about Tasks 1 and 2 to Lynn via email.

When you are ready, click on Healing - Step 0 to begin your journey in the Wise Woman Tradition.

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