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Harriet Smith

Hello 🙂

My name is Harriet and I moved to Amsterdam from the UK almost 4 years ago now! I am currently studying anthropology alongside writing, illustrating, making wonky pottery, and gardening. I also have a background in sustainable architecture that made me especially interested in permaculture and people’s relationships with plants (ethnobotany), thinking about how we can begin to create better worlds with mutual care and respect.

One of my freelance jobs involves looking after plants in office buildings as well as shifts at Planthood store in Amsterdam-west. As my knowledge about (and collection of) houseplants has grown so has my interest in all plants! A growing interest in spirituality, following lunar cycles, and celebrating the solstices and equinoxes has led me towards herbalism and I look forward to learning more about the healing potential of plants and feeling more rooted in my surroundings too.

I look forward to delving into the modules this coming week 🙂