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I have just read through the “honey infusion” module and the discussion in the thread. As a vegan I don’t typically use honey, but I agree that it is in certain situations a lot more sustainable and ethical than alternatives. I went vegan when I first moved to university and fair trade substitutes were a lot more available to me than local, organic honey. Finding a trusted beekeeper was also not on top of my priorities, since I rarely used honey anyways. This has changed upon starting this module and learning about many ways of using honey in crafting. I have recently made magnolia-infused agave syrup and quickly came to the conclusion that using agave, which comes in plastic bottles and typically travels across the world to get to our supermarkets can’t be more eco-conscious than using locally produced honey, which usually comes in jars. If you know any trusted local beekeepers who take good care of the bees in the winter – please let me know, I would love to support them! I was also wondering if other plant-syrups such as maple, rice or date syrup could work in place of honey? Organic rice syrup seems to be quite readily available here and comes in jars. Let me know if you have ever tried crafting with these!