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1. Do you remember using or do you still use any traditional remedies?
Yes… Since the question asks for traditional remedies, I will list some of the remedies I learnt from my grandmother in India:
•Cloves for toothache
•Ginger syrup for cough
•A spice broth (ginger, chilli, peppercorns, lemongrass) for colds and fever. I have now adapted it and I use different herbs

2. Note down a few herbs which you see for sale locally (therapeutic herbs).
•Elderberry juice
•Bay leaves

3. Briefly describe what you understand the Doctrine of Signatures to mean.
The shape of the herb/ plant part is associated with the part of the body it is meant to heal/ help. For example, kidney beans are good for the kidneys, walnuts are good for the brain and broccoli is good for lungs. Of these, one is flawed 😉

These associations may be true in some cases but not all and it is better to not to follow this as a general guide for herbalism.