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Hello everyone, I am sharing my uses of Rose here:

Rose petals
– I have prepared a tincture with fresh rose petals and it is really fragrant. I can smell the Rose :). I use it a few drops at a time in my water or tea.
– In India, we used to eat Gulkand (Rose preserve), often in pans. It tastes amazing. Here is a recipe (although I wouldn’t put any rose petals in a blender). I would make it with raw honey though. Now that I remeber it, makes me want to make it 🙂

Rose buds
– Dry them and use them in tea (3 to 5 buds at a time for a nice cup or tea). Sometimes, I will add one Rose bud and 1tsp of chamomile flowers for a uplifting my heart and mood.

– Rosehip syrup – for immunity. I drank it in autumn. It lasts roughly 2 weeks (with a little bit of brandy to preserve it), Rosehip tincture

Rose water
– Rose water adds a lovely gentle fragrance to everything. I use it occasionnaly in smoothies, and cakes (in stead of vanilla). I make my own masala for masala milk – with almond milk, ground nuts, and spices and if I have Rosewater on hand, I will use it in that.

I just learnt the leaves can be used in teas and poultices. I will try out the tea in Spring/ Summer 🙂