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Clara Harmssen

A passage I wrote outside on a bench in the sun, whilst reflecting upon Step O:

Moments like these. Moments of new beginnings. Sun in my face, wind in my hair. Noises seem like a distant sound carpet. I feel my mind going quite. Just focussing on the sensations around my body. I feel the wind brush my hair on my legs, the sun warming up my knees, a little shiver moving along my arms where the wind enters my coat.
I used to think that these moments of stillness, where my mind has nothing to say, are moments that are wasted on a productive thought. Or a thought that could have helped me analyse my feelings, my current mood. Now I learned to tresure these moments as they are just glimpses, as they sometimes take a while to arise again.
Although there are a few things with set me into these situations. Meditative observations. Collecting these “triggers”, writing them down, to lateron know where to look when I am feeling a moment of sadness, a wink of a cold or a subtle annoucement which tells me to listen in.
Going outside for a walk and observing and concentrating on a plant, on a tree. Giving a tree a hug and just listen.
Puzzeling, this organises my messy mind and brings me to focus on nothing more that the pieces in my hand and where to place them.