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Valentina Mandozzi

I mostly have a vegetarian diet (besides a few occasional weaknesses), so my daily vegetable intake is quite high. In weight, it could be around 0.5kg or maybe more. I find it hard to think that I would be able to forage the same amount on a daily basis, especially living in an urban area.
In Amsterdam, i doubt i would be able to forage more than a few herbs occasionally. However, having spent a few months in Italy in a rural area, I was able to find much more variety even in winter times, which allowed me to prepare full meals (and different courses) for my family. That was exciting and surprising: but would I be able to do it every day? Would it even be sustainable if everyone would do the same?
My goal would be to be able to be self-sufficient one day by balancing foraging for wild herbs, nuts and mushroom and my own produce from my garden (really looking forward to have one). That way I can control what I eat and not exploit too much the surroundings.