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Hi Morgan, Thanks for your question. With all issues that a person has, it’s important to look at the whole picture – the whole person. With acne and hormones, there may also be other things going on (out of balance) which don’t seem related but could well be. With hormone imbalances, it’s really important to look at the main pillars of health – Digestion, Circulation and Nervous stem. Are they all running smoothly?

One herb that I don’t mention in the info about acne is Vitex agnes-castus extract. It can really help in female hormone imbalance but without the gut working well and a good sleep pattern – so a good healthy digestive system, and good routine and sleep habits – the herb can’t help enough to show an improvement. Hormone building is complex and it begins in the gut, most likely with the help of probiotic microbes and several gut functions. So get the gut working really well and getting healthy sleep, starts to correct imbalance – at least it gives the body shady it needs to settle into rhythm again.

So that said, have a think about your there pillars. Do you detect any imbalances? Then we can consider which herbs could help to bring those into balance. Could be bitters before meals, could be fennel afterwards to release gas, could be yoghurt. Could be Valerian or passionflower to help sleep. Chamomile calms gut and mind..

Let me know when you’re considered of any of that rings true. Email with the full details if you would look to.

Lynn x