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Hi Esther,
I will nudge Marisa to have a look at this and see what her experiences are. I have experience with Agave syrup (from Lidl) and get on well with it. It is more fluid than my usual honey and I just prefer the honey action.

Here are a few links:,more%20calories%20than%20agave%2C%20the%20difference%20is%20negligible.

Vegatable Glycerin is a great alternative – It has a sweet taste but does not cause sugar spikes. It can be used just like honey in the recipes. In fact although I have always preferred honey, I am going to to add a unit on Glycerin very soon. Be aware that not all Glycerin is vegan so you need to check. Shelf life is about a year and doesn’t need to be in refridgerator. I only avoid it because it is quite a processed item but I am getting more into it as a honey alternative as I am eating a very low carb diet (although a spoonful of elixir now and then etc) is unlikely to upset that.

Coconut sugar can be made into a syrup and used in place of honey. It contains many nutrients.

Maple syrup will also do the trick but I find it goes off fairly quickly and needs to be kept in the fridge. Great nutrients, certainly full of sugars.

I hope this helps Esther – lets see what Marisa thinks about the alternatives and maybe we should do a simple comparison trial?