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Dear Marisa,
This is another wonderful summary of your journey through the module and your relationship with each step of the healing system. I think that it is helpful to be able to stand back and look at how people around us relate to health and healing, you are certainly able to do this and reflect very astutely. I also take Vitamin D supplement by the way – drops, some mornings when I remember, mostly in the darker months as we really don’y get enough here. There is no harm in admitting we need these things – or think that we need them. If we can reflect on the need, rather than taking these things automatically because we are told to, then that is a step forward.

Your reports about LSD is extremely interesting also. It certainly seems to encourage reflection and your comment about the reset are very interesting. There is a lot to read about micro-dosing.

I am happy that this section of the course has helped you to have a sort of framework to understand a little better what you were doing quite naturally. We have a strong inner compass!!

Well done again – This is super, reflective work.

Lynn x