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Hi Marisa,
This is a wonderful summary of where the Crafting course projects have taken you so far. You have tried so many of them – this is great and it has been super to read your updates as you moved through the units. I am especially pleased that you have been able to successfully incorporate some of the new found, wild green friends into your lotions and potions – as I know this was always the hope. I look forward to trying something green and wild from your business, in the shops soon! Primal Essence – truly primal 🙂

Sweet cicely certainly tastes of anise – if you still have your dried herb experiment, you may want to add it to some Indian dishes. That kitchen uses a lot of fennel seed and often the taste is completely balanced by other herbs and spices. I added 2 teaspoons of freshly ground fennel powder to the base masala of an Indian meal this evening but it could not be identified in the end result – just a nice balanced taste (Frank is not a fan of fennel..). Maybe worth a go? It would also be interesting in a schnapps type drink, with a little wormwood perhaps.

Your oxymel sounds outstanding!! What a combination of herbs! I am so pleased it disappeared quickly.

Well done Marisa, I am so pleased you have enjoyed working through the Crafting course and have gained so much experience from your efforts.

Lynn x