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Hi there!

My name is Morgan and I am originally from Kansas City, KS in the USA. I have lived in Amsterdam for 4 years now, and have taken up a large interest in regenerative agriculture in the past year. I spend my time volunteering at a permaculture garden – stadsboerderij osdorp – and I just finished my PDC in Portugal.

My interest in foraging is both a deep calling inside me for wisdom and connection with nature, as well as a very technical desire to understand what the natural local ecosystems look like and how to regenerate them – what grows here, next to what, when and how can it be used? I hope that I can some day use this knowledge for myself and to teach others. Long term, my goal will be to leave the city and live in a more rural area where I can have both a kitchen garden, a food forrest, and a wild area to care for 🙂