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Great module summary Marisa! Well done on all of your learning and actions and experimentation – This is really exciting to read 🙂

I have been following Geurilla Gardeners NL on Instagram for a while and they also post some great actions and ideas and they reply when I write to them which is nice. There is the start of a herb spiral at the River of Herbs orchards – it needs a good foundation and something to stop invasive roots entering so it’s unlikely to be finished before next spring. I like what you say about slippers not getting wet on the way to your herb spiral – very wise!

Lemons get pushed into most of my house plant pots through the year. I then forget about them and invariably some come through and manage to survive my erratic watering of the house plants. My daughter, Livvy, is so into growing them so maybe you two should talk about them sometime soon 🙂

Fabulous work – Keep up your gardening!