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I wasn’t familiar with the wise woman system steps until I started the healing module.

My healing system was based on step 5 since my childhood until most of my entire adult life. I suffered frequently from laryngitis and tonsillitis as a child and had taken as many antibiotics as a child can handle. My mother used to be a nurse as she is a “pharmaceutical encyclopaedia” always willing to advise which pill to take to which common ailment so that you don’t get sick or get better quickly. In my family, nobody believes in slowing down. They also believe that emotional, energetic and psychological unbalances don’t exist, because you can’t be weak! When a pill couldn’t solve everything, the heroic doctor would. She meant well and always tried to nourish us, especially with lots of soup! She still does, so without knowing it, she’s also a follower of step 3.

So, this was what I kept on doing in the past: at the sign of the first symptoms, I would have some medicine so that the sickness would leave me alone and I could carry on living my fast-paced life. Took me a while to realise how unbalanced this system was and that most of my persisting respiratory system problems could be solved using steps 0-3, because all I would need was resting, calming down and be kind to myself.

These last years I slowed down and (even without knowing about the system) I was already trying to heal myself in a different way, now I see that those were 0-3 clumsy steps. The module gave me some structure, organisation, tools and ideas on how to approach my healing in a more balanced way.

Currently, my healing routine is aligned with the wise woman system. When I feel sick, I give my body and my mind some time to do nothing, together with a good night sleep, rest and tea. Mindfulness is still a challenge, but yoga has been helping me out. If it doesn’t go away and/or when I feel very restless, I try to read some tarot so that it makes me think about the root of the problem. After I follow step 2, namely plant and hands energy, grounding and the recently learnt alternate nostril breathing. Step 3 is a constant in my life and I do it even when I am not feeling sick. I wasn’t familiar with the concepts of tonic, alterative and trophorestorative herbs. I think this will help me out in the future. If this doesn’t work, I follow step 4. I need to say that I developed the habit of taking magnesium every day to help with my constant leg cramps and vitamin D to compensate my deficiency due to the lack of sun, but maybe there are better alternatives. Of course, sometimes we all need to go to the doctor and I also pay attention to the urgency of the situation and step almost immediately into step 5 when I think I need it.

Step 6, break and enter, was necessary when I severely broke my ankle 2 years ago. I also would like to include taking lsd in this step. I need to say that when I took it for the 1st time was mainly because I was curious but, to my surprise, I felt like my brain was reset, felt love, inner peace and emotional healing. After that, it helped me to find answers within myself. On other occasions very focused and sharp, other time made me feel that my own mind is not the nicest thing to be confronted with and that I wasn’t prepared to face it. Although I still believe I might benefit from micro-dosing, and I try to follow development on these studies, I think that it shouldn’t be taken light-hearted and that steps 0-3 might have a longer-lasting effect.