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It is relatively easy for me to create a ball of energy. I have done a similar exercise before, the 1st time more than 20 years ago, to try to imagine a blue protective ball around myself. Back then I imagined it being generated by my mind and not my hands and expanding through my body until it was big enough to generate a protective cocoon. Generating an energy ball using my hands felt warm and invigorating. I have been using it to try to re-energise plants and to calm down and protect myself.

I have been thinking more about plants (more frequently my house plants tbh) as a companion and have been feeling their energy flowing together with mine like we are exchanging healing blessings.

I don’t think about grounding most of the time but I think that I do it almost by instinct/automatically. I remember an episode in my early 20’s when I imposed my hands in the shoulders of a friend and felt absolutely drained afterwards. That taught me the importance of grounding!

I was very curious regarding Nadi Shodana Pranayama. My left nostril was permanently blocked and I thought this practice wasn’t for me. At first, it really confused me but, very quickly, I started feeling it like yoga to the brain and gave me more energy after practising it in the morning. I breath better now and I don’t feel the nostril so blocked anymore. I think this is also a wonderful pre-practice to yoga. Sometimes I do it instead as a sitting Savasana, to finalise my yoga practice.

Ps: I just watched a very interesting documentary: Kundalini Yoga — as Envisioned by the Ancient Yogis. It explains really well the nadis and chakras system. The link if you are interested: