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Hi Esther,
This is great to read – You have certainly come along way from the shopping bag and scissors 🙂 I am really pleased that you feel more confident with it all and indeed it takes time and repeatedly exercising the identifying part of our brains to have it really click. I will find some Solanaceae for the Zoom meeting on Friday 29th May. If you can’t make it then we must scout some out in the park together soon. I generally have more luck finding them in sort of semi-neglected spots such as at the foot of bike racks, edges near playgrounds. Maybe it’s the school teacher in me but I seem to find them in every playground I enter and then have a mild panic about the playing kids eating the pretty berries. They have a really witchy, enchanted property about them and I love to be near them actually! In any case – Well done! I it so lovely to see how you have done. The journey is never over. I hope you always have fun with finding plants!