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Esther Monks

It’s been very interesting, although I haven’t managed to connect daily, I was visiting a burdock plant in park Frankendael once to twice a week for a long time. I had to change to another plant twice as they kept cutting them down and also one was just done with it’s life at some point 😉 But those events transitioned smoothly to the seeds on my balcony starting to sprout fortunately, so that makes it easier! I find that it is a very balanced plant, every time I connect to it I get this feeling of everything being exactly in the right pace and in the right place, not too fast, not too slow, ‘everything under control’ kind of feeling. It’s a plant with many uses some of which have been scientifically proven (like the protection of the liver, as well as anti-cancer properties) although I believe that through scientific understanding we can only get so far.
I have been using it myself both as a tincture and as a salve, as I have psoriasis – a mild form fortunately but I had some spots on my feet especially that would get very inflamed & irritated. I made a salve of burdock and lavender and this has been super helpful. Literally from one day to the next all itching/irritation/etc stopped which I can only credit to the salve and they have kept improving gradually. So this has been very useful!