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I have been inspired and awakened by the Spring – or was it early Summer ;0 – and the sun! As a consequence, I’ve been busy and would like to share what I have been doing.

This covers units: 8,9,10,11,12,13,15,19,20,24 and 25.

This crafting has been giving me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction and I have noticed that it really helped me to feel more balanced! Working with plants and giving and receiving plant energy has been working for me! 🙂

I found these craftings very easy to make, almost like a second skin, the only times I felt a little more challenged was when the use of “honey” is required. I am vegan, so I used the Nectar from Three by One (it’s delicious on it’s on and the best honey replacement that I know, it’s coconut-based). I’ve noticed that it is a little difficult to stir with the herbs. IDK if the use of bee honey has the same issue.

So, what I have done:

– Vinegar: Wild garlic
: Wild garlic, geranium, white deadnettle, stinging nettle

– “Honey”: Magnolia
: Elderflower
– Elixir: 2 Hawthorn flower – 1 to eat after 6 weeks the other to add berries on autumn.

– Tincture: 2 Hawthorn (to add berries to 1 on autumn)
: Hawthorn, Dandelion, white deadnettle, yellow archangel
: Stinging nettle
: Ground ivy

– Infused hot oil: Elder leaves with argan oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil and castor oil. Castor oil wasn’t the best idea, it’s too thick and hard to squeeze from the leaves, but this blend it’s going to be part of a beautiful cream or salve.

I was going to infuse the elder leaves with olive oil but, I’ve decided to drop 1 seed head and a leaf of wild garlic inside of my new freshly opened bottle and after 5 minutes its perfume was already spreading its magic XD.

– “Fake tincture”: Herb Robert with Limoncello and “honey” nectar. This was supposed to be a weaker tincture(30% volume), but I was missing a little spirit to top the jar up, so I’ve added a little of “honey” xD

– Infused white wine – May bowl with sweet woodruff and lemon rind: so delicious! We tasted it today ;D

– Herbs that are currently drying in the house: Elder, Yellow Archangel, Sweet Cicely, Sweet Woodruff, Lungwort, Ground Ivy and Stinging Nettle.

I am a professional natural and vegan beauty maker, so constantly I also need to make the following:

– Cold infused oil: I usually infuse lavender, calendula and chamomile in almond oil or sweet olive oil.
– Salves, Lipbalms (my favourite is lemon & rosemary), Ointments and Creams (my favourite is with lavender).

Ps: I have infused Elder leaves not only due to its medicinal properties but also because I had plenty after stripping a part of a brunch. I thought it was respectful to the tree to use everything I foraged: I am trying to grow Elder babies, wish me luck!