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I have made 2 hawthorn tinctures using the blossom and leaves with rum; one for use in 6 weeks, another to wait for the berries and add at it. This tree is in full splendour at Gerbrandypark, there are 5 or 6 ones there. I never forage any herbs from this park as the ground and soil are always very polluted, but I thought that foraging from a tree was clean(er).

I also made a hawthorn blossom syrup, it’s tasty! This is the original recipe, but I had no lemon so, I added a little ginger syrup to my recipe.

Queen of The May: Enchanting Hawthorn Blossom Cordial

Do you know any other usages for hawthorn? Maybe infuse a Vinagre, or add the blossoms to a salad? Do you have any cool recipes, ideas?