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Esther Monks

Hi Marisa, good topic!
I just made a chamomile tincture for the first time this year, since I find it so effective as a poultice for inflammations and infections I figured I’d try if it does so many wonderful things internally as well :p
Chamomile is also soothing for the nerves so maybe an idea for you as well? Other herbs that I’m thinking of related to anxiety & sleep could be lemonbalm, lavender, valerian…? Maybe also interesting to look into flower essences for this purpose if you haven’t done that yet!

I was also thinking along the lines of just having some tincture (or elixir or..) that has some general strengthening/nourishing properties for the winter months and for that I made a dandelion tincture for myself.

Did you get any more ideas in the meantime?

Thanks for the video!