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It is very difficult for me to relax. I suffer from anxiety disorder and I am constantly stressed out or worried about something, even when it doesn’t look like. Sometimes I believe it is part of me. For example, it is
frequent when I do a yoga or a dance class that I start yawning because my body only associates relaxing
with sleeping.
Anyway, for relaxing I try to:
• Go far a walk in nature;
• Sit comfortably in my couch daydreaming, trying to meditate or trying to put my mind into some
kind of abstract drift away status;
• Look at the ocean and do the same as before. I was raised 10 minutes away from the beach so I
really miss its smell and the agitation of the tides/waves. This used to be my favourite way of
recharging back in Portugal.

When I am feeling blue I like to do
• Gardening
• DIY or any arts and crafts
• Watch a beautiful movie that will make me cry and wash me away from within
• Grab a drink with a friend or call a friend. Most of the time I like to call and pretend I am not feeling
blue, after a few jokes I feel better. Not ideal, but sometimes fake it until you make it works 😛

Lately, I’ve also been having really vivid dreams and I am trying the suggestion of “no electronics 2 hours before bed” and it’s helping me to sleep better and without interruptions.