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Hi, I did three tasks of lebel B.

1) Honey Infusions
I infused peppermint in honey at UH workshop and kept it for 2 months. During this time, I sometimes opened and used (eat?) it.
-Taste and scent: It had mild peppermint scent at first but gradually gone. Is it because I often opened the lid?
-Trouble: Nothing
-Herbs: I took out herbs after a month infused. They are too soft and small to take out.

2) Elixirs
My experiment is done with dried rosehips.
Quarter fill in a glass jar with roughly crashed dried rosehips, pour runny honey and mix them, then top up with vodka.
When I top up with vodka, lots of small bubbles were coming up. I tried to crash them and add vodka up to really top, then put the lid on.
Let’s see what happen and look forward to open and taste it after summer!

3) Lozenges
I made ginger pills. I didn’t weigh and did like everyday cooking…. Mom’s way.
I mixed all ingredients with wooden spoon to make paste and rolled out with hands. They didn’t stick on my hands but very soft. I put some more ginger powder pour them over but some moisture came out after a minutes. I have no idea how can I keep them longer to prevent from sticking together in the container. Taste? Spicy and one piece (about 1cm) is ok enough^^