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Anna W

I am also vegan, and eat quite a lot of vegetables – my best guess would be up to 500g per day. So I imagine I would need a lot more than I could forage daily, both time-wise and because I don’t think it meets the ethical guidelines to forage that amount of plant material (it would not be light harvesting, and in NL, not within the legally accepted amount). Especially in a city, when urban spaces are not set up to facilitate this, it would be difficult to meet the clean & safe guideline for those quantities as well.
At the moment, I typically only manage to forage on days off, when I can take proper time to spend outside and in green spaces that would be suitable for foraging (ie. away from busy roads etc.).
I try to eat seasonally, and I am involved in a community garden project that collects and distributes food waste, so I occasionally get vegetables (and other goodies) from there. I am also growing tea herbs on my balcony this year. Tried to grow vegetables last year, but they didn’t turn out so well because I don’t really have the space that most veggies need to grow properly.
Foraging, for me, is (1) part of a bigger effort to find ways of lowering my reliance on large-scale forms of food production, where pesticides are used and other harm is done to ecosystems, and (2) a way of including vitamins & minerals into my diet that are not as common in supermarket food, and (3) to learn about and be connected to the land and the seasons.
Thus, any amount of foraging I manage to do feels like a win 🙂