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1.Yes, I use a lot.
*Remedy for cold*
This is my basic blend. I drink the first cup as herb tea , then use the second cup for gargle.
-Echinacea, rosehip, marigold and elder flower (+ honey)
*Remedy for burn*
When I get burn accidently, I put some aloe jelly with lavender essential oil on it.
It seems to prevent blisters.
*Remedy for mastitis*
This is a story when I had mastitis. I had a fever and pain.
I put a sheet of cabbage on my breast (painful part), and changed it several times when it got warm. I don’t remember how I got the information but I tried it. After a while, the pain and fever was gone!
I am not sure cabbage leaves have anti-inflammatory effect or not, but it is a funny and wonderful memory:)

2. Thyme, Echinacea, Sage, Passion flower, St john’s wort … as syrup or tablets

3. Herbs support and/or heal the part of our body which visually look similar.