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Mana Sundari

I thought I knew a lot about roses and their uses especially in the kitchen, but I was surprised to learn about the medicinal uses of roses. They can be used to colds, bronchial infections, gastritis, diarrhea, and even depression (internal usage) and externally, they are used to treat eye infections, sore throats, and skin complaints.

I love the smell and and essence of roses (there’s a reason they represent romance) and enjoy them best growing outdoors. While traveling in Lebanon in 2018, they had so many rose flavored desserts and dishes. That’s when I began really using dried roses and rose syrup while cooking.

My grandmother also had a large rose garden, and from the images and description it seems that she had both the apothacary’s rose and the Rosa mundi (if I remember correctly). I am partial to the showy Rosa mundi, a rose is a rose is a rose. 🙂