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Malina Tran

I enjoy eating arugula, watercress, kale, cauliflower, and cabbage. This past growing season I enjoyed growing different varieties of kale and cabbages (also learned that birds love brassicas and I need to protect them in the garden). I also had homegrown kohlrabi for the first time and loved it! Watercress is used in Southeast Asian cooking, so I was surprised that they’re plentiful here.

I don’t eat brassicas enough as I’d like since I often purchase for particular dishes (napa cabbage for kimchi, kale for stamppot, arugula for salads, broccoli for stirfry). I could definitely eat more and just have them on hand, which often influences what I cook. Given what I’ve learned about glucosinolates and their anti-cancer properties it is sensible to consume more but definitely not in excess. I also learned that brassicas are helpful in preventing oxidative stress, stimulating the immune system, and contain vitamins C and E and rich source of antioxidants. Amazing!