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Hi Mana,

Great plans! A tip about your herbs which tend to die is to split them into several pots. So if you buy a pot filled with chives or basil, from a grocer or supermarket, the seeds have been sown really thickly to give a good-looking effect when we buy them, but that is not in the best interest of the plants. As they grow, they need much more space. One individual basil seedling will in time need a pot all to itself, if it is to thrive. So consider getting a few empty pots, some soil, and splitting a chive pot into about 6 new pots, and the same with basil. Coriander is notorious for not lasting well. It loves the sun, can be fussy about the time of day to water it and it will rot easily if the roots stay too wet.

The soil that we buy potted herbs in is also rubbish, even though it may be organic. It is made to give the plants what they need for just a few weeks. Then the little plants need more.

Rosemary and Thyme – umm. Both are Mediterranean so both prefer it pretty tough. Not too much water, full-on sun at times in the summer, and they are wood-stemmed so don’t pick too deep into the plant. Just harvest the soft young growth, otherwise, they have difficulty recovering.

I hope that helps a little. Looking forward to hearing how your garden progresses!