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Hi Mana,
Herb shops in Amsterdam, umm. The best assortment and you can see the herb quality before you buy is Jacob Hooy, on Nieuwemarkt. However, not organic and the less popular herbs may sit in the barrels for sometime before purchase. YOu can ask for 20g plus of any of the herbs though and they will make up mixes for you. So it is a handy shop to know.

I tend to buy small packets of herbs such as Sage, Calendula, Chamomile, popular herbs, organic from my local health food store, in Oost Poort shopping centre. They also have a store on Ijburg somewhere. It is called Biolicious. The brand they sell of loose herbs is Blauw Huis. To buy direct from the Bluaw Huis is quite costly as need to order bulk or pay heaps for delivery.

Other stores in Amsterdam come and go. I do not know of any top notch organic herb shops in Amsterdam. The Noordermarkt Saturday Organic market has a stand or two selling some herbs, which should be organic, but I am not sure if the prices are good. I do buy my mushroom powders from there though (from the mushroom stand on Saturdays – Portabello, I think is the name).

I tend to order larger quantities online. A recent favourite is actually coming to me from France – They sell the beauty grade herbs and an increasing assortment of food grade herbs. The oils are of really good quality also. So that’s an idea and the postage is free or low.

I hope that helps!