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Claire Landre

Using the rose is a new experience for me and I love it.
I have used rose water for a long time. But I appreciate it even more now.
I have used rose petals in my chocolate making. I make a bon bon with roasted pistachio and rose petals.
I don’t have much experience with the leaves, but I have them in my tea cupboard and will start experimenting.
My current favourite herbal mix for tea is rose petals, nettle, pea flower, mint and shell ginger. (a herb i brought from Okinawa)
Rose and Tulsi is also delicious!
I also like to lightly roast the petals and then crush them between my fingers and sprinkle on my coffee or chicory latte.
I have made my first rosehip vinegar this month. I am still waiting to try it.
And I have been picking rose hips here and there to use for tea. Or just to nibble like that.