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Good morning Alice,

That is a delicious sounding menu for the day! Indeed, difficult to forage some of those foods which we so love and benefit it in so many ways. On my foraged only days, I tend to skip the grains completely and stick with leaves, nuts, flowers etc. You have access to Jerusalem Artichokes which is great.

Pasta is great fun to make from scratch, but that would be from flour and water. To make the flour; I have not tried from wheat grains but it is simply a process of getting them, grinding and “sorting the wheat from the chaff”. A friend makes acorn flour rather well, so he has clearly found a way to grind, and wheat is easier to work than acorns (acorns need an extensive period of leaching out of the tannins). So I think that perhaps we should see how far away from here some oats and wheat are growing, and try it..

I used to live in a Somerset village with an old working flour mill (Porlock). Loved visiting and smelling it in action! There is something very special and basic about it although the machinery was quite immense. Also on Tenerife, the Gofio mills, where they grind several grains to make the old breakfast flour of the Guanche people. Tough grains for strong hardworking people!

Grinding at home can be down with special cold stone grinders, or a pestle and mortar, on a smaller scale. If you find any local growing grains, please let us know. I see a lot of info about home grinding on US homesteading website.

Best wishes,