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Zuza Kurzawa

Recently I bought a home with a small garden. This garden needs a lot of love and work and I want to turn it into an edible garden one day. There were a lot of tiles that I got rid of already but there are also plants here. Some of them are nice and worth keeping (few), others grow poorly and can be removed without hard feelings. There is however this Arborvitae, it’s old and large and I really struggle to make peace with it. I read that especially during winter this plant is home to biodiversity, that many birds and insects find refuge in it in the cold and harsh climate. I really want to want to keep it, because I am only one being with one voice, and removing it would not be kind to its many inhabitants. So I pick this plant to be my plant ally, I pledge to observe it, listen to it and let it make me accept it the way it is.