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There are Ginkgo biloba trees just a few minutes walk from my home in Amsterdam.
They are planted along the street. It is really beautiful between spring to early autumn, especially the view from the end of the street.
In October, the fruits are matured and start falling and smash on the ground. So sorry for the cars parked under the trees….

This odor makes me remember my hometown, Osaka. It’s good to me.

They start blooming in spring and forming fruits just after the flower. I found some baby fruits on the tree today!

The nuts inside of the fruit are edible and medicinal. It is said they are good for soothing a cough and relieving frequent urination. We traditionally eat soft part of nuts in Japan. They are roasted with shell, then taken out soft part. My mother in law sometimes collect them on the street (I don’t think they are clean….) It is gummy and tastes a bit bitter.

The leaves are used for tea and tincture/extract. They have circulatory and anti-inflammatory effect. Leaves are not popular in Japan. The bark is not used for any traditional purpose.