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Gea Cignozzi

Stingy Nettle is my chosen ally plant.

Its leaves, dried and brewed in tea remind me of evening chats with my mom, who dries nettle every year. Its flavor bring me back to the umami of seaweed, and I love playing around with it when cooking. I am in owe of how it can find its way into the cracks of abandoned buildings and thrive in disturbed soils. It is a quite widespread plant in Europe and I am curious to discover more about how nettle has found its way in different ecosystem’s throughout time and space.

I first discovered nettle in the Tuscan hills, and found it again here in the Netherlands, greeting me from the sidewalks and the parks of Amsterdam.
Somehow, I share with stingy nettle the fate of rooting and growing on the same -yet very different- lands.
Wherever I am, I am likely to follow and flow with nettle, its cycle and stories.