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Harriet Smith

Hello all,
My name is Harriet (they/she pronouns) and I am an artist, writer, gardener and student in Amsterdam, having moved here from England around five years ago now.
I will complete my studies in cultural anthropology with a minor in gender and sexuality at UvA in early-July this year, although I hope to remain a self-led curious student engaged in community discussion, writing and creating long after. During my studies I have become especially interested in queer multi-species anthropology and ethnobotany, which is primarily about the stories and multiple relations between people and our plant kin.
I hope this journey brings me more in touch with the ecologies around me, increasing my (folk) wisdom and spiritual connection with plants.
I am also interested in deepening my art/ecology connection, having worked already with clay since moving here.
I find plants, fungi and our experiences of ‘nature’ to be a powerful source of creative inspiration 🙂