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Rose gives me luxury and happiness, feels something special.
I’d like to share how I use ‘rose’ in my daily life.

Rose petal:
I like to add a little bit in my blended herb tea, especially night herb tea. I sometimes put it in the nail oil.

I always enjoy it for blended tea.
Rosehip is one of the most used herbs for me. It boosts vitamin C and adds gentle sour taste to blended herb tea. It is delicious and great for both health and beauty. I always stock it in my kitchen.

I sometimes use for skin toner. This rich aroma gives moisture to my skin and heart!

A year ago, my Turkish friend gave me rose flavored sweets. It was first time eat “rose”. It was amazing! Rose flavor was spread whole mouth and stayed for a while.

Now, I am really curious about eating fresh rose, especially rosehip!