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Wow, reading your comments and the worksheet examples, I realised that thanks to a nearly burnout/midlife crisis I really changed my ways.

What healed my anxiety is to find my life purpose, values and align my job according to them. I became a coach, and even if still working in a corporate environment, I happy to get up to work on a Monday, and Sundays are no longer a nerve breaking day. i get to bring this knwoledge to other people, and makes my job very fulfilling.

In the personal aspect, reading, studying, connecting with my creativity and exploring arts and crafts. It could be watercolours, upcycling, organizing spaces. etc.
Yesterday I went in a complete flow with this course, by creating my own herb journals. I felt like a child again. Loved it and really lost track of time.

Walk in nature, especially by the sea or river.

Eat clean, cook from zero. Connect with the land.

Thanks to my stress and panic attack, I took a 8 week mindfulness course and I incorporated meditation in my morning routine.

I also discover spirituality and the nature world – hence this course! I am fascinated by many spiritual practices.

And yes, I still enjoy a glass of wine in a sunny terrace in good company. 🙂