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Hi Bogu, For some reason, I only found your post about this this evening.. Just moved to a new website host so perhaps that has helped.
How sad to read these things about Susun Weed, the actions sound so abusive and horrid and have no place in helping people to learn. I know she has a “strong” personality and I have found, in recent years, mentions on her website saying that she does things which some people find too much. I must say that I read those and wondered what the reason was for the statements. This that you have uncovered seems to be part of that and how sad it is for all concerned! I learned the system, the way of approaching health issues, from my studies with Susun Weed but you are right, it is not exclusive to Susun Weed’s teachings. I will mull over what to do with it and will look at the lessons in the module and check how they feel, when there is mention of the source for me and Susun. This is truely very important food for thought! Thank you so much for raising it. We all know that there are always different sides to what we hear but this is rather troubling and I want to be sure there is no tainting of the ideas in the lessons. Does that make sense and seem helpful?
Best wishes,