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I would love to know more about this personally, as I have been growing a thick carpet of curly hair for quite a long time now. It takes a lot of care and I would enjoy bringing together my herbology practice with this time-consuming self care moments my hair demands.

Some of the things I have noticed my hair enjoying, which unfortunately are not so herb-related, are:

1) a good rub of coconut oil (kept overnight in a braid or head wrap) before being washed – this really seems to revive the hair texture and help the split ends.

2) being cut according to moon phases. now this mostly sounds ridiculous when I say it, but I do only cut my hair on days in which the moon is in either the sign of the leo (for strength) or of the virgo (for keeping the cut longer and faster growth) and this seems to be working in ways I cannot explain.

I did however hear of a group of women who are known for having incredibly long and beautiful hair. In the documentary I watched they said this was due to the usage of fermented rice water as a final rinse after hair washing. I have not yet tried this, but I’d love to in the future!

In the meanwhile, I stand very curious to learn more about herbs that benefit hair health.
Love, M