Foraging Course

Foraging Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) Boerenwormkruid

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Aim to complete each green block (5 units) per two months. Some of the later units are available to you from the start but most will open up as you work through more units.
Details of how to earn the Foraging course certificate can be found in Foraging - 26 and there is a summary at the bottom of this page.

Herb Map
I have started creating a map of favourite foraging locations in Amsterdam and other useful locations. If you would like editing rights, please ask me. You will then be able to add your favourite locations also. The aim is not to plot everything but to help other people to know where they are likely to find some useful herbs.

Foraging 1 - Foraging Rules
Foraging 2 - Testing Plants
Foraging 3 - Deadnettle family
Foraging 4 - Botanical Classification
Foraging 5 - Look-a-like plants

Foraging 6 - Flower features
Foraging 7 - Electronic Record Keeping
Foraging 8 - Rose Family
Foraging 9 - Herbaria
Foraging 10 - Leaves

Foraging 11 - Mustard Family
Foraging 12 - Your Plant Ally
Foraging 13 - Foraging Roots
Foraging 14 - Lightly Harvesting
Foraging 15 - Botany of Roots

Foraging 16 - Borage Family
Foraging 17 - Poisoning (available to all)
Foraging 18 - Poisonous Plants (available to all)
Foraging 19 - Lily-type Plants
Foraging 20 - Nightshade Family

Foraging 21 - Your Local City Trees
Foraging 22 - Mallow Family
Foraging 23 - Celery Family
Foraging 24 - City Tree Herbology
Foraging 24.1 - Elder (Sambucus) (available to all)
Foraging 24.2 - Lime (Tilia) (available to all)
Foraging 25 - Aster Family

Foraging 26 - Further Developing Foraging Skills

Course Certificate
To request your UH foraging course certificate, you need to have:
1. Worked through each of the Foraging units and evidenced this with comments in the forums or unit comment boxes.
2. Fedback any issues you have found in the units.
3. Posted a summary of how the Foraging module has impacted you, in the Foraging Forum. Your summary does not need to be very long but it needs to show me what you have gained from this module.