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Chopped Feverfew.

In this course you will learn how to create and use:

  • Herbal apothecary.
  • Safe herbal remedies for common ailments.
  • Nourishing herbal preparations.
  • Herbal first aid.
  • Herbal medicine chest.
  • Safely, ethically and legally make home remedies.

The short podcast introduces you to this course.

Simple equipment
Common kitchen materials
Save time and money
Recipes for small spaces with very little equipment
Possible to make herbal preparations outside

Healthy respect for herbs
Herbs have an important place in today's healthcare although their misuse can also cause great harm.
Avoid overuse. Some herbs interact with medicines.
Not all herbs are helpful.
Incorporating common, local nourishing herbs into our lives does not mean that we turn away from modern medicine.


Become more involved in managing your own health.
Aim to help yourself more often with simple nourishing herbs.
Minor ailments.
Active participant in keeping yourself healthy and happy.

As mentioned in the Healing module, the Wise Woman way involves nourishment and looking for answers within ourselves, as well as seeking external help when needed.

Let's get started!
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