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Most urban foragers struggle to find an experienced guide who can really help them to learn about plant identification, ethical harvesting and the safe use of local plants.

I created the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship course, a systematic approach to mastering the arts of ethical herb foraging, crafting, gardening and self-care. It is focused on incredible plants which grow in towns and cities and each module revolves around issues that are specific to urban foragers.

Photo credit: Apartment therapy

My goal is to help you learn about the plants growing near you now, wherever that it. I want to help you to stop worrying about how to accumulate the knowledge needed to safely forage and use urban herbs. The Urban Herbology Apprenticeship connects you to a wealth of knowledge and advice about foraging, herb crafting, gardening, self-healing and living seasonaly.

I'm Lynn Shore, a Brit, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with my Dutch partner and our young daughter. We live in an apartment within a beautiful city, but the call to nature beats so strong in my heart.

For well over a decade, my blog, groups, walks, talks and courses have inspired hundreds of people to live in harmony with the natural cycles of urban landscapes.

Photo credit: Apartment therapy

I have trained artists, chefs, therapists, writers, mixologists, ecologists, soapmakers and gardeners... My work, and that of my amazing students, has been widely featured in the media. We pride ourselves on leaving no trace and putting nature and safety first. We also support each other: Community spirit is at the heart of this course.

For over 25 years, I have been building the knowledge which I share in this course. My professional background is in Biology, special education, complementary therapies, permaculture and nature studies.

I have woven a life which combines city living with meaningful nature connection. I have created this course to help gain this knowledge far more efficiently!

Explore the World of Urban Herbology!

Wild fennel, South Devon, UK