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365 Frankendael day 174


Today Elodie and I found mushrooms, hazelnuts, flowering Meadowsweet, Tansy and other lovely autumn treats as we walked beside a local canal. We forgot our cameras which was actually quite a pleasure!

I did take this photo earlier, of a beautiful and still green Elder (Sambucus nigra) growing in park Frankendael. I’ve a mind . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 174

365 Frankendael day 133


Full moon today and a Blue Moon…


Stinging nettle

Garlic mustard – first season

Ground ivy

. . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 133

365 Frankendael day 97

Angelica archangelica seeds

I collected some more seeds today, from edible, medicinal and beautiful perennials in Park Frankendael. The only wild Angelica that I know of there set and spread its seed in the water some time ago but this beauti in the maintained herb garden is just ripe. I harvested just a tiny proportion of the . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 97

365 Frankendael day 72

Meadowsweet preflowering tops

We had a lovely long walk in the park today so lots of photos, lots of plants and lots of harvesting for tinctures, drying food and more.

The plants shown below are: Tansy, Meadowsweet, Feverfew, Mullein, Mock strawberry,

Here is Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare), a powerful herb which is immediately apparent if you pick and smell . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 72

365 Frankendael day 1


. . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 1


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