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Nijntje Jellies

Nijntje carrot, pear and herb jelly

Making jelly is a simple way to encourage little people to become interested in herbs and provide them with a different way to eat some useful ingredients.  The jelly eater that these were made for, selected the herbs herself from balcony pots.

You can use many combinations of fruit and juice, whatever you have fresh . . . → Read More: Nijntje Jellies

Thyme (NL:Tijm)


Evergreen hardy perennial Thyme (Thymus spp.) originates from the Mediterranean, has a great number of medicinal and culinary uses and is easily grown in containers, making it ideal for the Urban Herbologist.  It is a strong herb containing volatile oils and should be avoided by pregnant women and used sparingly by others.

Growing Thyme in . . . → Read More: Thyme (NL:Tijm)

Your favourite indoor herbs?

Lemon verbena

Which edible and medicinal herbs you prefer to grow indoors?

Last week I visited a friend, who would like to grow herbs but has no outdoor space at all, not even somewhere for a window box.

. . . → Read More: Your favourite indoor herbs?


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