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More herbs from Tenerife


I thought this was Kudzu, Mile a minute plant, solver of addictions, remedy for many ailments, causer of headaches for gardeners who try to eradicate it… But thank you to Fran from Serendipity Farm in Tasmania who politely put me straight. It is more likely to be Morning Glory. Here’s a link showing the flowers . . . → Read More: More herbs from Tenerife

Urban Herb Love

Scallops coriander lime ginger elderflower

Yesterday was our seventh anniversary, here is what we cooked: Scallops, marinated in the juice of half a lime, a sprig of fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped and a small nugget of fresh ginger, squeezed. After cooking in the marinade, the scallops and sauce were laid on wilted spinach and Elderflowers were sprinkled on . . . → Read More: Urban Herb Love

Japanese knotweed, sweet sour yoghurt.

Japanese knotweed sweet sour yoghurt

I so enjoyed harvesting, cooking and eating Japanese knotweed today, for the first time in my life.

I found several patches of the plant locally and harvested using a small knife, in much the same way as you would asparagus, except above the ground. The more mature stems were hollow, younger ones were very . . . → Read More: Japanese knotweed, sweet sour yoghurt.

Indian Day Dreams

I was day dreaming about being in India this afternoon and rustled up a really tasty drink which helped to transport me back to Mysore. It cleaned the cobwebs from my mind and got me back on my Yoga mat.  You may like to try it…

Lynn’s Ginger Pineapple Cobweb Cleaning Lassi 1 cup Goat’s . . . → Read More: Indian Day Dreams

Cough Syrup

This cough syrup recipe was kindly sent to me by Louise from Thornbury, South Glocestershire, UK.  She has been making it since attending a herbal remedies course in Bristol a few years ago. The recipe is taken from Hedley & Shaw’s book, Herbal Remedies: A practical beginner’s guide to making effective remedies in the kitchen

. . . → Read More: Cough Syrup

Ginger roots!

Ginger roots

There is life in my airing cupboard…  The ginger rhizome I wrote about on Monday has sprouted lots of strong roots, after just 4 days!  Each bud has started to look shoot-like, become slightly pink and sent out between 6 and 10 healthy roots.  I am delighted with this first attempt at growing one of . . . → Read More: Ginger roots!

Growing ginger (NL: Gember)

Have you ever tried to grow ginger (NL: gember)?

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a great herb to use in all seasons but I find it especially useful in the autumn and winter. It adds a gentle warmth to food, stokes up the digestive fire and stimulates the circulation.  It has been used medicinally since ancient . . . → Read More: Growing ginger (NL: Gember)


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